How Is Reliance Small Cap Fund the Ultimate Way to Energize Your Portfolio?

03 Jul

Consider a classroom of 100 students. It is the best place to find out how many types of people exist in the world. While some students will be extremely shy and soft-spoken, there would be ample of those who are flamboyant and outspoken. This explains the variety that people hold in their mindset and outlook towards their lives.

Keeping this in mind, the mentors of the mutual fund industry infused it with several types of products so that their users could find their best match. If we talk about those who have an aggressive approach towards life, then Reliance Small Cap Fund would be their first choice while investing in mutual fund. This top-in-class small-cap fund has been the talk of the town for a long time, thanks to its remarkable servility and outstanding performance exhibition.

For years, MySIPonline has been providing free financial assistance, both through an online and offline medium, which has made it one of India’s most beloved websites for mutual fund investments. Its large clientele comprising of more than 50, 000 active users, the tie-up with more than 40 asset management companies, and more than     10, 000 schemes in its bank are all testimonies of its giant size and huge recognition. It has been consistently rated as one of the fastest growing financial companies in, and have also brought revolutionary tools such as the online dashboard to the market.

Here, in this write-up, some of the most amazing facts about Reliance Small Cap Fund Growth have been jotted down that will help you devise a flawless plan for a successful investment. So, read and find out the reasons behind this fund’s superb success and the class of people it will serve best.

The Reasons for Success

The Highest Paying Fund in the Fraternity

The realm of mutual funds witnesses thousands of new entrants, every year. While some become successful, the other get succumbed to the market changes and are kicked out in no time. This is where Reliance Small Cap Fund (Growth) stands impeccably. If we consider the past five year’s performance of the best funds in the small-cap category, then this fund wins the cup of the brightest star. This is because it was able to rip off colossal returns averaging 35.10%, the highest to be earned by any fund in the category in the last five years.

Great for Diversification

We all know a portfolio without diversification is like a body without blood, because it can’t function in its absence. Reliance Small Cap Fund-Regular Plan (Growth) is not only good for the health for your earnings, but is also essential for incorporating diversification which decides the span of its health.

Opportunity to Grow with Companies

Small cap funds identify and invest in companies that have newly begun their operations in the market, and are having huge scope for future growth. Thus, investing in an A-grade fund such as Reliance Small Cap Fund (G) provides ample opportunities to enjoy high growth rate. This enhances the chance of the accomplishment of your objectives, and you enjoy greater wealth at maturity.

Type of People Who Should Invest in Reliance Small Cap

Belonging to the small-cap category, Reliance Small Cap Fund ought to have a larger exposure to risk in comparison with mid cap and large cap funds. However, the fund management team backing up the fund take corrective measures from time to time, so that the overall risk is reduced to an acceptably low level. But this doesn’t mean the fund loses its essential character of being risky. Hence, only people with a large stomach for risk shall consider investing in this fund.

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