Inject Happiness in Your Life by Teaming up With Canara Robeco Mutual Fund

19 Feb

The world is an arena where every body has to showcase his strength, will and diligence in order to win every round of the sport known as life. There are no shortcuts or cheat codes allowed in this game, and if anybody tries to outsmart the law of nature, then sooner or later he will be caught red-handed. Though this game doesn’t allow any cheap tricks, but it admires the work of a smart brain. Investing in the schemes of Canara Robeco Mutual Fund is an example of the choices made by the clever minds that helps in winning this battle subtly. And if you think that you do not belong to the league of foxes but are simply a worm in the dirt, then you have been wrong about yourself your whole life. By partnering up with MySIPonline and choosing to add the products of Canara Mutual Fund, even the feeblest of all creatures could become a sorcerer and wipe away all his financial problems. Today, here, we are going to learn some important and mind-blowing facts about this AMC which are sure to make you go haywire. So, brace yourself to dive into an ocean filled with ecstatic pearls of information.  

Canara Robeco MF - A Brief Insight

Canara Bank Mutual Fund, as the name suggests, is a conglomeration of Canara Bank - one of the largest government-owned public sector bank in India, and Robeco - a global asset management company originally belonging to Netherlands. This joint venture is a powerful combination of a century-old experience of Canara Bank in the Indian market and Robeco’s international exposure in asset management. Also, it is the second oldest mutual fund in the country, with its roots dating back to 1987 as Canbank Mutual Fund. Two decades later in 2007, Canara Bank entered into a partnership with Robeco and thus, Canara Robeco MF took birth. Since then, it has been one of the rapidly advancing mutual fund houses in India in terms of its AUM.

The Basket of Benefits  

Mutual funds have been able to grab the attention of a wide mass and it has recently seen a massive influx of new investors. The reason for these increasing numbers is the kinds of returns the best performing schemes have been giving, and the variety of options being introduced to the market. Out of many such options, the funds of Canara Robeco Mutual Funds have been doing exceptionally well in the market which is adequately reflected in the following benefits attached to them: -

  1. Tailor-made Schemes : Different people have different demands and objectives and to fulfil their discrete needs, there is a need to incorporate to variety in the investment options. At Canara robeco mf investment, you can find a large variety of mutual fund products spanning from equity schemes to hybrid schemes, all set to accomplish your goals.
  2. Quality Management : The portfolio of this fund house is managed by some of the best brains in the fund management field, having years of experience and flawless knowledge on the subject which helps them in handling the corpus professionally and easily.
  3. Constant Innovation : In today’s digitised world, it is very important to stay abreast with the latest technological reforms. Hence, every product that Canara Robeco MF dwells in its huge basket is up-to-date and runs parallel to the latest market trends. This helps the investors to make a carefree investment as they can be assured of their money being placed judicially in the market.

In this fast moving world where things are becoming more expensive every day, it is very important to have atleast one or two alternative sources of income to cope up with the increasing expenses.

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